Summarized Picture Presentation on Sales Strategies
  • People buy for their reasons not our reasons
  • People fear naturally new things. Instead of presenting product as new, present it as an improvement of existing one
  • Many people will not buy anything until they have recommendation from somebody they respect
  • I am not going  to try to sell you anything right now, all I want to do is show you some of the reasons why so many others bought this product and only tell me whether or not this is applicable to you
  • When a prospect poses an objection, first complement him on it, thank him for it and answer it completely
  • Don’t stress with high quality when the presenter is professional and well dressed with good presentation; automatically company assumed high quality
  • At every call with prospects, ask yourself what you did right, and then improve next time
2023-05-06 11:05:42 Prof Dr MBONIGABA Celestin
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